50 Shades of Nail Polish

IMG_6058Whoever said you could never have too much nail polish was right! There are many different brands and shades of nail polish. Some good brands that I would suggest would be OPI, Essie and China Glaze.

OPI has a starting price of eight dollars and contain .5 oz of product. The polish will normally last a week without chipping. Not only does the polish last longer on the nails but it also last longer in the bottle without the properties of the nail polish changing itself. This is depending on how much you do with your hands. I love the way OPI goes on. With almost all the shades you only need two thin coats. I also found that the brush is what makes the polish much easier to apply.

Essie like OPI has a starting price of eight dollars and contain .5 oz of product but only last about five days without chipping, but I also found that when IMG_6057painting the nails with Essie no matter what color you use, you have to apply more and thicker coats than the standard two; I find this somewhat of a waste of polish. The brush for Essie is a tad smaller than OPI but still applies nicely.

China Glaze is slightly less expensive starting at $4.50 and also containing .5 oz of product. This polish will last up to three days before chipping, also depending on how much you do with your hands. China Glaze is made by the same company as OPI so the way the nail polish goes on is almost the same. Unlike OPI, China Glaze doesn’t last as long and the brush is not the best when it comes to applying the polish.

The biggest color selections would have to be OPI closely followed by Essie. Spending a couple extra dollars and few more minutes in the nail polish isle looking for the perfect shade can truly make the difference.

If you have any other brand suggestions that you like, let me know by leaving a comment below. I would love to give them a try!


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