Bio Seaweed Gelous


There is a new product that is finally hitting nail salons–Bio Seaweed Gel! As its website states, Bio Seaweed Gel has the nail industry’s fastest and most gentle soak-off. Removal only takes 10 minutes, without dehydrating, weakening or staining natural nails which makes this a healthier choice for your nails.

The picture to the right shows my set of Bio Seaweed Gel nails. I went to a small salon in Trinity, Fla called Boutique Nails, where they are known for Bio Seaweed Gel. I paid $35 for the application process of two colors, but it is only $30 for one color.

I got my nails done over Christmas break and they lasted for a month. I was so impressed about how natural they looked and how strong they were.


The picture to the left is the picture I took after I had the nails on for a month. I still believe they would have lasted longer if I didn’t have spring volleyball, which is the reason for the big chunk missing on my middle finger.

These were probably the best gel nails I ever had. (Compared to regular Gel Shallac) Not to mention how cool the design of the nail was.

When I took off the Bio Seaweed Gel I used 100% acetone (Kroger brand) and soaked the nails in the acetone for about 10 minutes. After soaking them I gently rubbed off the Bio Seaweed Gel with a cuticle pusher.

IMG_5973I was very impressed when I got the Bio Seaweed Gel off. My nails were not dehydrated, thin or stained. The picture to the right shows my nails after I took off the gel.

Overall I was extremely happy with my first Bio Seaweed Gel experience. This is definitely worth the money spent. You receive beautiful long-lasting nails that don’t chip, dehydrate your nails or stain your nails. I couldn’t ask for anything better.


5 thoughts on “Bio Seaweed Gelous

  1. As a guy, it’s nice to learn about this kind of stuff from an outside perspective. I loved your pictures and spacing. Remember that you’re not typing a paper, haha. Write as you would talk normally.

  2. Ok so I went to boutique nails too and unlike what the bio seaweed gel website states, they sanded down my already weak nails. I guess since I work in the food industry the nails only lasted a little over a week before one of them came off. I have to wash my hands a lot and use gloves so I believe that weakened the glue. Well the next time I got them done, I had them apply it to my natural nail, instead of false. They looked great both times, but again lasted less than 2 weeks and they sanded my nails down again. I loved the nails for the first week but definitely not worth $45 both times. That’s for a French 2 tone just like yours pictured

    • I’m sorry that you were unhappy with the results of your nails. Maybe if you do decide to go back next time ask them not to sand down your nails and just buff them. They will be stubborn and tell you that they must sand them down so that the gel will stick, but stand your ground and they will do what you ask. I only paid 35 dollars for my nails, so there is a possibility that they raised the price. My sister lives in Trinity and goes there all the time. Her nails last a while too, but she her job doesn’t require much work with her hands. I play volleyball and my nail polish never stays on. The bio seaweed gel is the only thing that works for me.

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