A nail design that gives braiding a twist.

The other day I was looking up nail designs that I could try.  My nails needed some help because they were looking –what we call– “rachet.”


I watched a youtube video called Braided Nail Art and thought it was a brilliant design! Of course I had to try it.

You can definitely say my nail design didn’t turn out as good as the nails in the video did, but I still love the way mine turned out.

The colors I used were Yodel Me On My Cell by OPI, Spark De Triomphe also by OPI and Tangerine Crush by L’Oreal Paris.

I used the same color scheme that I used for my tribal nails in my last post Let’s talk about tribal. For some reason I subconsciously love to use pink, blue and sparkles together.

photo-6Anyways to get the look pictured left, I started with a base coat. Then I painted my entire nail with two coats of Spark De Triomphe.

The video explains that it is best to make a line while rolling over your finger. During this step it is really important to take your time and not rush the strokes.

Start with Tangerine Crush then cross over with Yodel Me on My Cell and finally cross over with Spark De Triomphe. Repeat this process until you reach the tip of the nail. Finish with a top coat.

Side note: The main reason I started with Tangerine Crush is that I found it easier to go over Yodel Me on My Cell. Plus it uses less paint. If you are a nail freak like me you know how we feel about wasting paint–and cotton balls.IMG_6572

The video tutorial makes this design look super easy to do, but to be honest I struggled. It was my first time doing this look and I didn’t take my time. Be sure to be patient and take your time while painting. Also let the polish dry after doing a color, so the polish doesn’t get really thick and look caked on.

Hopefully if you try this design it turns out better than mine. Happy painting! 🙂

What’s your favorite nail design to do?


Let’s talk about tribal.

IMG_1398Last summer the look that took over almost every teenage girl nails was tribal. This trend was all everyone was talking about -at least at my school. For people who didn’t know what polishes or tools to use to get this look, it wasn’t easy. In all actuality getting that tribal look you always wanted is not as difficult as it seems. If you have the right tools and patience you can complete a successful tribal look.

All you need to complete a great tribal look is one of the following: a Sally Hansen nail art pen, a stripe rite nail polish or if you feel like you can handle it, a regular striping brush that you dip into nail polish. All of these tools can be found at a local Sally beauty store or online at sallybeauty.com.

To complete the look pictured left, I painted two coats of  Minted by Revlon, then I used the white Stripe Rite nail polish to section off the nails. After that I painted some sections Radiant by Revlon, some sections Tangerine Crush by L’Oreal Paris and some sectioins Charming by Revlon. I also made sure to not paint over the minted color.

After applying the polish in the sections I wanted them, I went back over the white lines with the Stripe Rite polish.

When the polish dries you can add little details like the line in the Tangerine Crush on the index finger and the lines on the Minted color on the thumb and ring finger. This tribal look has a lot of lighter polish, so it’s always a good idea to add black in the design for contrast. In this case I added black to the middle finger helping to highlight the Radiant color.

Below I posted another example of this color combo, but this design still has a completely different look.IMG_1253


There are also different styles of tribal. You don’t always have to use a lot of colors. Like the picture right, you can use two or three colors which still makes a statement. On these nails I used a dotting tool for the white dots and a striping brush for the gold lines.

The biggest thing to be successful while doing a tribal design, as well as painting nails in general, is to have a steady hand and work patient and slow.

IMG_1161There are so many different ways to do tribal, so really try to be creative. Unless you missed the kindergarten lesson on drawing straight lines, you cannot mess up this simple design. You can never go wrong with this design (unless you have no idea how to draw a straight line). Try different colors, different shapes and remember to tell yourself that practice makes perfect! The nails pictured left were the first tribal nails I ever did. They have come a long way since then, thank goodness. So try this look out and practice on a friend.

Happy painting 🙂

Quick, easy, trendy!

IMG_2888It’s the hottest trend all over the world from Europe to California to New York. Painting your ring finger a different color than all the rest. This trend has slowly been taking over the United states the last two years. I have to admit this is the easiest way to put a beautiful twist on your nails, without paying any extra money at the nail salon and also easy enough to do at home for people who are artistically challenged or can’t come up with designs on their own.

IMG_5610This trend has got to be my go to look when I am doing my nails or getting them done. I always love to have a bright color on all my nails and a sparkle on my ring finger. The picture on above are my summer nails (Oh how I miss my tan hands!) and the picture on the left are my Christmas nails. Simple and easy!


Recently, for winter I got these bad boys done (pictured right). They are black sparkles with neon yellow as the accent nail. At first I didn’t know if I liked them, but now I am obsessed. These nails are edgy and different from what I normally get.

You can also add a twist to this already different look by adding caviar which I talked about in my previous post Caviar please! Or you could also add a little bling. Examples of those two styles are posted below. IMG_2987

The first time I came home from the salon with an accent nail my mother quickly questioned if I was in a gang! She was puzzled when I explained to her it was just another teenage trend. She though the nails meant something negative (remember those ever-popular gel bands in middle-school?).IMG_1864

I asked some of the girls that live on my hall what they thought about this trend. They to had noticed the trend and were interested, “I feel like it shows our generations desire for individuality,” says Adriana Leon. They were eager for me to try it out on them.

The best way to find your favorite color combo is to mix match and try out the colors you think would look good. Remember you can never go wrong with a little sparkle! I want to hear your favorite color combos to help give me more ideas. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and Happy painting! 🙂

Caviar please!

Ciate has a great line of products, but my new favorite by Ciate is the Caviar Manicure. Recently I bought the rainbow manicure, which comes with .5 oz of strawberry milkshake nail polish, .5 oz of caviar pearls and a funnel to put the beads back into the bottle.

IMG_6175The set from Sephora costs $25, which is really expensive for one polish and a bottle of micro-beads. I really wanted this manicure set and didn’t think about going to a local art store where they have similar products for less.

The set comes with instructions on how to apply the Caviar Manicure. You can also watch a video on Ciate’s website on how to apply the manicure.

Start with a base coat, then paint two coats of nail polish. After applying a thick second coat, sprinkle on the beads to the nail, paying close attention that you cover the entire nail with the beads. Make sure the nail polish is still wet when applying the beads. This will help them stick.

After the beads are on the nails, press gently to secure them to the nail. Let the nails dry for about 15 minutes.

Finally, apply a top coat. The video I attached above says to apply a top coat to just the edge of the nail, but I found that the beads will stay on longer if you dab the nail all over with the top coat.

BCXuUSpCMAAjKRQ.jpg-largeKeep in mind that you don’t have to limit yourself to just the Ciate polish that comes with the Caviar Manicure. You can use any polish you like. The picture to the left is an example of the Caviar on top of For Audrey by China Glaze. The color combo is by far my favorite.

This manicure last about 48 hours, but if you wish to take off the beads before then you will want to try to get off as many beads as you can before trying to take them off with a cotton ball. This just makes the removal process easier.

This is a different and beautiful nail style that adds a little texture. I really recommend giving it a try, but to see how you like it I would first buy the beads at a local JoAnn or Michaels before buying the Caviar package.

Hope you enjoyed this post; leave your questions or comments below!