A different way to do gradient.

It’s getting closer to spring break and I can’t wait to go home to sunny Florida! The beach and a tan is all I need!IMG_6794

I figured that I would do a post that related to the blue water at Clearwater beach. So I did a reciprocal gradient nail art design, using OPI’s Suzi Says Feng Shui, China Glaze For Audrey and Sinful Colors Snow Me White.

To start, I painted two coats to all of my nails using For Audrey. Then I placed tape around my nails to minimize the clean up process.

Using a make-up sponge, I painted on Snow Me White first and blended in For Audrey next. After that I blended Suzi Says Feng Shui to help get the gradient look. Your sponge should look like the picture below.


Then I lightly dabbed my nail bed with the make-up sponge, applying two coats.


You can see in the picture above how the tape helps with clean up.

For the next step wait about ten minutes for the polish to completely dry. Then place three small pieces of tape on all your nails.


Then repeat the gradient step painting the polishes on the make-up sponge again, but instead of having the white part of the sponge facing the tip of the nail, have it facing the cuticle. This will give the reciprocal gradient look.

I find that the lines come out clearer and look better when you take the tape off of after applying two coats of polish with the make-up sponge.


This is what you should get for your final product. My pinky nail displays the original gradient look.

Thanks for reading and have fun but safe spring break!

Happy painting! ๐Ÿ™‚

A style that sticks.

photo-6This past week my mother sent me a care package containing a set of Sephora’s Nail Patch Art stickers. I figured I would give them a try. This was my first time using these stickers. They are really easy to apply and not to mention really pretty!

Before removing the backing from the sticker, fit the sticker to your nail bed. Then separate the sticker from the row. Next, start at the top and peel back the white paper backing, holding the gray part located at the top.photo-8

Place the sticker onto the nail bed. I found it helpful to start at a corner in the bottom half of the nail and slowly smooth the sticker out over the rest of the nail. If you do mess up on this step, it is simple to peel the sticker off and fix the placement.

After placing the sticker on the nail peel off the clear plastic seal on top of the nail sticker.

You will notice that there is a lot of access product. This is fine, using your finger nail on the opposite hand or a cuticle pusher to push the remaining product underneath the nail. At this point you will notice the extra sticker will start to slowly break. Gently tear off the extra.

photo-6You can also cut off the extra sticker before peeling off the seal so you can use the extra for a french tip design on a later manicure.

To finish this simple look, file down your nails, and that’s all there is to it!

These stickers are easy and take about five to 10 minutes to apply. The stickers will last a long time. I left mine on for a week, and they were so difficult to take off, which could be a good or bad thing. I remind you that I play Division 1 volleyball. We are in our off season where we have practice and weights every day. Let’s just say I use my hands a lot! The fact that these nail stickers stayed on for that long is impressive!

These stickers are a good buy and extremely cute!

Can we go to the thrift shop?

Welcome to March, everyone!

As a Florida girl I am not use to it snowing two days in a row in March. This time of the year in Florida the weather is in the 70s and all my friends are at the beach!

Being a broke college kid and not knowing what to do on these cold days, I decided to go to the thrift store with some of my friends to find some cute vintage clothes.

Little did I know, I was coming out of the thrift shop with an idea for a nail design.

The vintage look below has to be one of my favorite nail designs so far! It’s super easy and beyond adorable!

To get this look, I painted every other nail using Revlon’s Minted.ย The nails that were not painted Minted I used Sephora’s Give Peach a Chance by OPI.

After I let my nails dry, I grabbed a mechanical pencil because I couldn’t find my dotting tool–depressing I know. I took the mechanical pencil and dipped it in Give Peach a Chance. Then I gently dabbed the polish on the nail in a circular motion to create the bud of the flower. Do this multiple times all over the nail. This step is shown in the picture below.


Next use a stripe right green polish to create the leaves of the flowers.


Then, I added little white lines in the bud of the flower using a white stripe right brush. Be sure to make a small C shape in the middle of the flower bud, then separate little lines around the C shape.


The last step adds detail to the flower bud, making it look more realistic. You can also add white lines to the leaves. If you wish to do so I would recommend mixing some of the green polish with white polish to get a light green color. This will make the leaves look more natural.

On the Give Peach a Chance colored nails I used the white stripe right tool to add three vertical lines on each nail. You can also use a dotting tool to add dots all over the nail instead of lines, creating a different vintage look.


To finish this look add a top coat. You may also clean up the nails by taking a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover and take off the extra polish around the nail.


That’s all there is for this simple and sweet nail design. Give it a try!

Happy painting! ๐Ÿ™‚