My name is Brittnay Estes. I was born and raised in Palm Harbor, Fla. Recently I moved to Nashville, Tenn, to attend Lipscomb University, where I am a journalism and new media major, as well as a member of the Lady Bisons volleyball team. When I am not playing volleyball or doing school work, I love to paint nails. I love trying out new nail designs and products. I hope that this blog will be enjoyable to all you nail lovers out there.
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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Brittany, this is crazy! You helped my husband and I today find some jeans. I think you are precious and wanted you to meet our sweet son, Nick. I told you we live in Kentucky. What I didn’t tell you was we are from Clearwater!!! I just had to look you up to show my son your photo and found this one. Lol. He is laughing at me as much as you are. All he said was, “I like volleyball.” Haha.
    Anyway, you are welcome to become our friend on FB. Maybe one day we will see each other again…you never know?
    Love, Mom Michele

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