Shine bright like a diamond.

This past week was amazing! I got to see my family, friends, a lot of baseball/softball and of course I got my nails done!

My sister sent me a picture from Pinertrest telling me to get my nails done like the picture. The lady who did my nails nailed it! 😉 I did bio seaweed gel like I always do when I go home. It never fails, I love my nails!IMG_8619

You can get this look with regular nail polish as well. Use OPIs Mod About You, which is similar to the light pink color on the thumb, index and pinky fingers. For the ring finger, use OPIs Mariah Carey Pink Yet Lavender. Finally for the middle finger apply OPIs Fab-YOU-lous. Completing the diamond shapes on the middle finger with a white stripe-rite brush.

I got to spend a lot of time with my grandma at home, which was a blessing. My grandma was recently diagnosed with cancer and living in Nashville I never see her. When I was with my grandma we went through old pictures. Looking through the old pictures was priceless. I got to see all my mom’s hairstyles. IMG_8753

My favorite is the bottom left picture, where she has pigtails and a plaid shirt on! Priceless!

I also found out why I am such a cool  kid now!

IMG_8754Look at that outfit!

It was a jam packed week, but worth every minute. I went to my father’s last high school softball banquet. This was his last season as East Lake’s head softball coach. This coming fall he will be the pitching coach for Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Fla. They are very blessed to have my father! I am being a little biased, but my dad is awesome!


I also got to watch my dads travel team play. They won every game — just saying.

In the seven days that I was home I went to four baseball games and four softball games. I guess I just can’t stay away when the weather is 80 and sunny. Could you?IMG_8716

When I was not at a game, I went to the beach or the pool. Which was everyday. I live close to Clearwater beach, making it easy to sit back, relax and soak up the sun.IMG_8687

The best part about my family and the person who keeps me from going crazy, is my sister Lyndsie. IMG_8676

I think we look a lot a like. That’s just me though. My sister is the best! She acts like she will kill you if you mess with the family, but she wont kill you. She will just hit you hard. 😉

Lyndsie wants to get another puppy to keep her company. She knows that I love animals of all kinds, so she invited me to the puppy store. My mom was not happy about this. She figured I would be the one coming home with a dog and not my sister. When my sister walked into the puppy store and first saw the puppies she was worse than me! I wanted to pet all the puppies but, she actually wanted to take all of them home! Who wouldn’t though? Look at these little puppy faces!IMG_8765IMG_8763(“It’s so fluffy!!!!!!!”)

They were adorable! If you are thinking of adopting a dog or cat from a shelter please do! They all would love to be saved and have a cozy home.

Overall my trip was outstanding. It always is when I go home and see the people that I love.

Give your loved ones hugs and kisses. Live your life like it’s everyones last day.


Bio Seaweed Gelous


There is a new product that is finally hitting nail salons–Bio Seaweed Gel! As its website states, Bio Seaweed Gel has the nail industry’s fastest and most gentle soak-off. Removal only takes 10 minutes, without dehydrating, weakening or staining natural nails which makes this a healthier choice for your nails.

The picture to the right shows my set of Bio Seaweed Gel nails. I went to a small salon in Trinity, Fla called Boutique Nails, where they are known for Bio Seaweed Gel. I paid $35 for the application process of two colors, but it is only $30 for one color.

I got my nails done over Christmas break and they lasted for a month. I was so impressed about how natural they looked and how strong they were.


The picture to the left is the picture I took after I had the nails on for a month. I still believe they would have lasted longer if I didn’t have spring volleyball, which is the reason for the big chunk missing on my middle finger.

These were probably the best gel nails I ever had. (Compared to regular Gel Shallac) Not to mention how cool the design of the nail was.

When I took off the Bio Seaweed Gel I used 100% acetone (Kroger brand) and soaked the nails in the acetone for about 10 minutes. After soaking them I gently rubbed off the Bio Seaweed Gel with a cuticle pusher.

IMG_5973I was very impressed when I got the Bio Seaweed Gel off. My nails were not dehydrated, thin or stained. The picture to the right shows my nails after I took off the gel.

Overall I was extremely happy with my first Bio Seaweed Gel experience. This is definitely worth the money spent. You receive beautiful long-lasting nails that don’t chip, dehydrate your nails or stain your nails. I couldn’t ask for anything better.