Nail blogs to Check out

I was on Pinterest recently and found this awesome pin about the top 15 nail blogs to follow.

No, mine blog was not on the list, but I did find some awesome websites to check out! I figured I would post about them so that,

1) You guys have the pleasure of also viewing them

2) So I always know where to find some great ideas and styles to try out!

So here are the blogs!

1) Boom Nails

2) Hey, Nice Nails

3) Polish and Pearls

Happy Painting! 🙂


Edgy nails

Well exams are coming to an end and seniors graduate soon. Through all this studying I still had to paint and post some nails. I wanted to do something different, something edgy with my nails. I had a little bit of inspiration from these two pictures.Nails-With-Golden-Designs-19 Nails-With-Golden-Designs-33I found these and many other nails with golden designs on Fashion Diva Design.

What I took from these two looks was this…IMG_7828

I felt like Rihanna wearing these nails. In other words a B.A…if you know what I mean.

To get this look I painted a base coat then, painted Sinful color’s Black on Black on all of my nails, except for the index fingers and pinky fingers. On the pinky fingers I painted two coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White. After letting that dry I painted OPIs Spark De Triomphe.


After the two coats of Black on Black dry, have your rhinestones kit, dotting tool, piece of paper and clear nail polish ready to use.


Place the rhinestones on the nail however you wish. I placed the rhinestones in rows starting from the nail bed and ending at the nail tip.


On the index finger that was left unpainted, take stripping tape –I used silver– and line the nail just below the tip then, connect another strip of stripping tape making the triangle shape. Repeat this step on both sides.


Finish the look with a top coat. Yes you should paint over the rhinestones as well.


Duck Dynasty Camo.

Being on a sports team at Lipscomb has it’s perks. Every year we have to work an event called Don Meyer Evening of Excellence. This year our volleyball team was working concessions to try to raise money for our mission trip to Brazil. Every year at the Don Meyer Evening of Excellence there is a new guest who speaks, this year the guest, well guests were Phil Robison, Miss. K and Si from the hit reality television show Duck Dynasty. The first show sold out so quickly that they added two more shows! This was one of Lipscomb University’s biggest events in history!

Our coach set a meeting time to meet with Phil and Si from the show!


Everyone was wearing camouflage! Even the Bison decided to dress up!IMG_7796 Being the typical Brittnay that I am, I had to do something special with my nails. So I did camouflage nails!


To get this look, I painted a base coat to protect my nails from staining yellow or green from the polish I was going to use.

I painted two coats of China Glaze Rare and Radiant and let that dry.

Next, I took OPIs Over the Taupe and placed a drop of polish on a piece of paper. Using my dotting tool I placed an assorted shape evenly all over my nails.

Then, I took my green stripe rite brush and made a longer miss shaped design all over my nail. Doing the same with a black stripe rite brush.

Place a matte top coat to finish the look, giving it a more natural camouflage look. If you don’t have a matte top coat, any regular top coat will work.

We had way to much fun this weekend working the Don Meyer Evening of Excellence. Everyone was so supportive in helping us raise money for our mission trip to Brazil this May. IMG_7775

Throw some glitter make it rain

My hexagon nail art glitter finally came in the mail! I guess you can say I was pretty excited to get new brushes and all these beautiful nail art hexagon glitter containers!IMG_7457

This kit comes with 12 different colors of hexagon glitters, which you can find on Amazon for a really good price.IMG_7458

Start with base coat. Next, paint one coat of any color polish you would like. For this step I used China Glaze For Audrey. After you let the first coat of polish dry completely, add a second coat. It is really important you allow the polish to dry in between coats, because the hexagon glitter will easily get lost or clumped in the polish.

Before doing anything with the hexagon glitter, get prepared by laying out all of the sparkles you are using, take a piece of paper and add a drop of clear coat to the paper. I used a flashcard, but you can use whatever you would like. Have your dotting tool or a tooth pick, ready to dip into the clear coat to pick up a hexagon glitter. IMG_7475

For the next step, place a single piece of the hexagon glitter onto the nail. I started placing the sparkles at the tip of the nail making sure that the side of the glitter is able to be matched up with the glitter piece that I will place next to it.

After you completely cover your nail with the hexagon glitter, add a top coat. Make sure your nails are dry before doing anything, or the hexagon glitter will easily mess up. This look takes time and patiences, but is completely worth it!

IMG_7479I love this look because I reminds me of a mermaid. What is your favorite nail design and why?

Happy Painting! 🙂

A different way to do gradient.

It’s getting closer to spring break and I can’t wait to go home to sunny Florida! The beach and a tan is all I need!IMG_6794

I figured that I would do a post that related to the blue water at Clearwater beach. So I did a reciprocal gradient nail art design, using OPI’s Suzi Says Feng Shui, China Glaze For Audrey and Sinful Colors Snow Me White.

To start, I painted two coats to all of my nails using For Audrey. Then I placed tape around my nails to minimize the clean up process.

Using a make-up sponge, I painted on Snow Me White first and blended in For Audrey next. After that I blended Suzi Says Feng Shui to help get the gradient look. Your sponge should look like the picture below.


Then I lightly dabbed my nail bed with the make-up sponge, applying two coats.


You can see in the picture above how the tape helps with clean up.

For the next step wait about ten minutes for the polish to completely dry. Then place three small pieces of tape on all your nails.


Then repeat the gradient step painting the polishes on the make-up sponge again, but instead of having the white part of the sponge facing the tip of the nail, have it facing the cuticle. This will give the reciprocal gradient look.

I find that the lines come out clearer and look better when you take the tape off of after applying two coats of polish with the make-up sponge.


This is what you should get for your final product. My pinky nail displays the original gradient look.

Thanks for reading and have fun but safe spring break!

Happy painting! 🙂

Caviar please!

Ciate has a great line of products, but my new favorite by Ciate is the Caviar Manicure. Recently I bought the rainbow manicure, which comes with .5 oz of strawberry milkshake nail polish, .5 oz of caviar pearls and a funnel to put the beads back into the bottle.

IMG_6175The set from Sephora costs $25, which is really expensive for one polish and a bottle of micro-beads. I really wanted this manicure set and didn’t think about going to a local art store where they have similar products for less.

The set comes with instructions on how to apply the Caviar Manicure. You can also watch a video on Ciate’s website on how to apply the manicure.

Start with a base coat, then paint two coats of nail polish. After applying a thick second coat, sprinkle on the beads to the nail, paying close attention that you cover the entire nail with the beads. Make sure the nail polish is still wet when applying the beads. This will help them stick.

After the beads are on the nails, press gently to secure them to the nail. Let the nails dry for about 15 minutes.

Finally, apply a top coat. The video I attached above says to apply a top coat to just the edge of the nail, but I found that the beads will stay on longer if you dab the nail all over with the top coat.

BCXuUSpCMAAjKRQ.jpg-largeKeep in mind that you don’t have to limit yourself to just the Ciate polish that comes with the Caviar Manicure. You can use any polish you like. The picture to the left is an example of the Caviar on top of For Audrey by China Glaze. The color combo is by far my favorite.

This manicure last about 48 hours, but if you wish to take off the beads before then you will want to try to get off as many beads as you can before trying to take them off with a cotton ball. This just makes the removal process easier.

This is a different and beautiful nail style that adds a little texture. I really recommend giving it a try, but to see how you like it I would first buy the beads at a local JoAnn or Michaels before buying the Caviar package.

Hope you enjoyed this post; leave your questions or comments below!

50 Shades of Nail Polish

IMG_6058Whoever said you could never have too much nail polish was right! There are many different brands and shades of nail polish. Some good brands that I would suggest would be OPI, Essie and China Glaze.

OPI has a starting price of eight dollars and contain .5 oz of product. The polish will normally last a week without chipping. Not only does the polish last longer on the nails but it also last longer in the bottle without the properties of the nail polish changing itself. This is depending on how much you do with your hands. I love the way OPI goes on. With almost all the shades you only need two thin coats. I also found that the brush is what makes the polish much easier to apply.

Essie like OPI has a starting price of eight dollars and contain .5 oz of product but only last about five days without chipping, but I also found that when IMG_6057painting the nails with Essie no matter what color you use, you have to apply more and thicker coats than the standard two; I find this somewhat of a waste of polish. The brush for Essie is a tad smaller than OPI but still applies nicely.

China Glaze is slightly less expensive starting at $4.50 and also containing .5 oz of product. This polish will last up to three days before chipping, also depending on how much you do with your hands. China Glaze is made by the same company as OPI so the way the nail polish goes on is almost the same. Unlike OPI, China Glaze doesn’t last as long and the brush is not the best when it comes to applying the polish.

The biggest color selections would have to be OPI closely followed by Essie. Spending a couple extra dollars and few more minutes in the nail polish isle looking for the perfect shade can truly make the difference.

If you have any other brand suggestions that you like, let me know by leaving a comment below. I would love to give them a try!